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Posted: 20th January 2012 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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There are many accessories available in the markets for your smart phone, but here is the one which would actually make the phone smarter. The Romo Smartphone Robot costing $80 uses iOS or Android apps to control its analog circuitry, motor outputs, and acrylic base, with new apps and hardware modules promised to expand its functionality in the […]

BMW I-Series

Posted: 1st August 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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This is one car that looks like the one driven by Will Smith in the movie I-Robot and that might be the inspiration for the name I-Series. Two models are going to be launched in this series of “Electric” cars by BMW. The BMW i Series has two models in its portfolio and is an all-electric, rear-wheel […]


Posted: 4th March 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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  Have you ever been fascinated by paintball games but always thought that you do not have a right companion to play those with or you are sharp enough not to get a worthy opponent. You wait is over with the Paintball Robot. It costs $1,200 and has a top-mounted paintball gun with elevation change […]

That’s a chic vacuum cleaner

Posted: 7th January 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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Now here is a vacuum cleaner that’s size zero. It does not give an impression of a vacuum cleaner in the first look (my first impression was that it looks like an advanced robotic walking stick), but the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum ($300) is a great design with great functionality. It runs on a […]

A gadget all the housewives would love

Posted: 6th January 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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We have heard a lot about vacuum cleaners, but what about the monotonous and boring wet-mopping of floor. What about the new iRobot Scooba 230 ($TBA) to handle all the dirty work for you. This is a 3.5-inch tall, 6.5-inch diameter helper and it uses a three-stage cleaning system to wash, scrub, and squeegee floors, […]

Battle for Terra-A review

Posted: 30th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Opinions, Reviews
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An animation feature with an important message for the audience. Although considering humans as the aliens takes some getting used to (though after the more recent Avatar phenomenon it’s quite easier to assimilate) but the confrontational instincts of some of our leaders and the disastrous consequences thereof are explained via a world where the lesson […]