Injured Ukrainian Teacher Olena Kurilo

The bells toll on a broken clock tower as the remains of normalcy burn to ashes,
The forced flight from the familiar has taken smiling families away from the streets that once rang with the cacophony of the masses,
Resilient people play music and learn how to fight in the face of inevitable doom,
The human race watches on as grandiose delirium turns millions of lives into anarchic gloom,
What pray is wrong with us, that human lives are trifles to be squandered on politicians whims and ambitions,
That out of all that we chose to preserve, the old hatreds and distrust trumped the camaraderie of the past and beautiful traditions,
The human spirit at display, and the horrendous losses should have quieted the monsters within and led to peace,
But egos and pipe dreams of grandeur reduce the very real losses to acceptable sacrifices and there seems no hope that the atrocities would anytime soon cease,
Like the phoenix I hope humanity rises from these ashes and promises not to traverse this road ever again ,
But I know it’s naïve for our species repeats the same mistakes and seems immune to anyone else’s pain,
Yet optimism and the incredible resilience humanity displays sustains my hope that a better tomorrow will dawn,
One where we would celebrate our differences rather than decimate those who are different from us wherever we have more brawn,
The music in that dreamscape would be an ode to the myriad aspects of the human experience including joys and struggles of everyday life,
But these accompanying sounds of the human existence would ring over landscapes unblemished with the scars of war and strife .

By- Aseem Mahajan

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