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Xolo Play T1000

Posted: 9th July 2013 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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I would call it a phone that is worthy of your money and fits within your budget. This is XOLO’s  upcoming Android smartphone that surfaced on the official website yesterday is now available for pre-order from online retailer Flipkart. The phone has a  4.7-inch HD (1280 x 720 pixels) capacitive touch screen IPS display based on […]

Helo TC Assault

Posted: 2nd June 2012 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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This one is a slick helicopter straight out of the Gi-Joe and Cobra wars. Going by the looks , its awesome. The Helo TC Assault costing $60 is an updated version of Griffin’s prior mini helicopter, and is controlled via an app and “Flight Deck” module that gets plugged into the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device. […]


Posted: 20th January 2012 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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There are many accessories available in the markets for your smart phone, but here is the one which would actually make the phone smarter. The Romo Smartphone Robot costing $80 uses iOS or Android apps to control its analog circuitry, motor outputs, and acrylic base, with new apps and hardware modules promised to expand its functionality in the […]


Posted: 27th December 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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As the name suggests this gadget is for the fitness freaks, who not only want their music on the go but also phone calls and  calorie crunching data. TheMotorola Motoactv costing $250-$300 is an Android-powered nano lookalike — complete with a watch-friendly form factor — featuring a 1.6-inch touchscreen display, 8GB or 16GB of internal storage for […]

Google Wallet

Posted: 31st May 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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“Move over credit cards and wallets” is what the Google Wallet offering shouts out. Google Wallet is a free service and you can connect you Citi MasterCards or Google Prepaid cards at this point of time and using a  NFC-capable Android phone you can pay at  any PayPass-capable terminal.

The Cobra Tag

Posted: 26th April 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets, Mobiles
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I am sure everyone has been bothered at some point of time with lost car or home keys somewhere in the usually crowded cupboard or some place unknown. Cobra tag is the solution to all your woes. It works on a simple principle of a Bluetooth connection between the included dongle and your iPhone, Android […]

Sony Xperia Play

Posted: 18th February 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Mobiles
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The latest offering from Sony is the dream phone for gaming enthusiasts. I have had this feeling every time I have seen the PSP, that what if the phone feature would also have been there in the PSP and I am sure thousands of others would have also thought the same. Sony has finally come […]