My Lost Home

Posted: 25th August 2018 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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The songs of my childhood lie captured in this structure of bricks;
As the wind blows on this mournful morn, the sighs and creaks play on my mind weird tricks;
I remember the day we first came to call this place our home around 26 years ago,
I remember the passage of time as from a wilful child to a man time forced me to grow,
I remember the crinkled brow of my father whose smiles and words blow like wind through this structure,
I remember the highs and the lows and the gains and losses I discovered within this home at many a life’s juncture,
Memories manifest in mere bricks and stones could move me so I did not know,
But with a heavy heart to changes wrought by time I would try to gracefully bow,
Farewell my first home and may thee fare well with a new resident,
I hope I can visit you again some day to remember anew everything you represent
By- Aseem Mahajan
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