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The smile from a random stranger in return to a genuine smile from you. Conversations with strangers in a language you don’t even understand but the kindness and warmth of that conversation beams a universal  message of good will. Finding the one when you weren’t even looking. In the process finding the questions to your […]

When you think about the etymology of words don’t you wonder how words for emotions and more complex phenomenon evolved? I often wonder who coined the term ‘Happy’ or its predecessors in various languages. I would have loved to have been present there to experience the indefinable joy of knowing what to call that warm […]

While watching a concert video of the legendary Michael Jackson yesterday, a thought crossed my mind which happens to cross the mind an umpteen number of times, which is :” Wow!!! He is awesome. ‘What-if’ I could also be like this?”. this simple one line thought opens up a world of possibilities and then our […]

A reverie lost in the last bird song of the day. The fragrance of a thousand life forms intermingled to form the perfume of nature. The canopy of stars and the tiny squirming life(my puppy) in my arms- bliss is such little moments gathered together over a lifetime. The song of silent words and unshared […]

“What is my dream job?” …this is a questions that pesters almost all of us all through our lives. I have thought about this atleast a million-zillion times and still not reached a conclusions. Sometimes one thing sounds like a perfect dream job and sometimes something else. This question has been the part of my […]

Something I wrote a long time back…

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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“I always wanted to…” “I always wanted to…” sounds familiar isn’t it. This is the thought that echoes in my mind atleast once everyday. The thought is complemented by a different end each day, I always wanted to have more money, I always wanted to be a famous person, I always wanted to be in […]

I have a Dream

Posted: 1st December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Poems, Thoughts
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I dream about the Tulip Flowers; I dream about the lovely rain showers; I dream about really fast cars; I dream about a world with no wars; I dream about a moon without the scars; I dream many dreams, my dreams are limitless But, do I realize, a lifetime is a time very less. Dreams […]