I have a Dream

Posted: 1st December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Poems, Thoughts
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I dream about the Tulip Flowers;
I dream about the lovely rain showers;
I dream about really fast cars;
I dream about a world with no wars;
I dream about a moon without the scars;
I dream many dreams, my dreams are limitless
But, do I realize, a lifetime is a time very less.
Dreams come and dreams go
Life always seems so slow.
Time always flies by at a fast pace
Slow down my friend,life is not a race.
If you live your life with a hope
The smallest pleasures in life would give highs of dope.
Therefore my friend, don’t follow the trend
Just have a lovely dream to tend.

By– Aditya Mahajan

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  1. mythinkingtree says:

    Don’t follow the trend …. CREATE ONE !!!!! 😉

    May all your dreams come true…..

  2. Hrishant says:

    lovely poem……….