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When anybody hears the term-“Oktoberfest” all one thinks about is the ultimate festival of beer. But a rainy visit to the hallowed grounds of Beerland gave me a fresh perspective on what exactly Oktoberfest is. The majestic statue of a lady with a lion leant a sombre and towering presence overhanging the grounds. The grounds […]

“What is my dream job?” …this is a questions that pesters almost all of us all through our lives. I have thought about this atleast a million-zillion times and still not reached a conclusions. Sometimes one thing sounds like a perfect dream job and sometimes something else. This question has been the part of my […]

Irony called Life

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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Another something I wrote around 4 years back. The Irony I took this pic myself and the very first thing which struck my mind while clicking this one was the irony it depicted. There is a tree ,which is oh not so old, and in the background someone who is old. This is an image […]

Something I wrote a long time back…

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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“I always wanted to…” “I always wanted to…” sounds familiar isn’t it. This is the thought that echoes in my mind atleast once everyday. The thought is complemented by a different end each day, I always wanted to have more money, I always wanted to be a famous person, I always wanted to be in […]

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination what the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth whether it existed before or not. O for a life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts! Many have original minds who do not think it  they are led away […]

Thoughts of a lazy mind

Posted: 1st December 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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Some thoughts by Me- If reality was borne on the wings of dreams we would exist in beautiful chaos. How real is reality?Is happiness real? Is pain real?Wouldn’t it be better if we could mould them as easily as our thoughts. Love is a figment of everybody’s imagination .We created it for eternally suffering bliss. […]

I have a Dream

Posted: 1st December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Poems, Thoughts
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I dream about the Tulip Flowers; I dream about the lovely rain showers; I dream about really fast cars; I dream about a world with no wars; I dream about a moon without the scars; I dream many dreams, my dreams are limitless But, do I realize, a lifetime is a time very less. Dreams […]