“What is my dream job?” …this is a questions that pesters almost all of us all through our lives. I have thought about this atleast a million-zillion times and still not reached a conclusions. Sometimes one thing sounds like a perfect dream job and sometimes something else. This question has been the part of my day dreams, night dreams and all forms of dreams one can think of.

I have always dreamt of being a test driver with a super sports car manufacturer in the league of Ferrari, Porsche or Buggati. Wooohooo!!! (the only thought of the same makes me jump with joy in my mind, but then its only a thought which I pinch myself out of very soon) or a computer gamer who is paid a fortune just to play games the whole day long. 😛 ….but alas I would not be either of these.

So I thought about writing about this “thought” and I was inspired by the Indian team’s world cup victory yesterday with a billion+ people yelling their hearts out for the Indian cricket team.Its been a long cherished dream and would be with me till my last day : to drive a super sports car to my heart’s content on a race track with the thousands of horses of the super powerful engine beckoning me to take them to the limit. But then Ferrari does not take non-Italians for their factory test drivers, same for Lambhorgini and may be Buggati. Hmmm… nice thoughts but lets get real.

I have thought and compiled a list of “Certified” dream jobs one can take up if they cannot actually catch up with their dreams. I am listing these dream jobs with their perfect examples from here:

1. A super sports start in a game that the country he resides in is mad for. And the perfect example of this is the legend Sachin Tendulkar in Indian cricket.

The advantages of this job are : You are endorsed by the biggest brands and would churn out so much money that you cannot even count in a lifetime. And last but not the least you are the heart throb of a billion hearts and you bring the nation to a stand still when you perform to the content of your heart and whats the best part is that you are playing the sport that you love to.

2. To start something when its virtually non-existent and what you started rocks the world. The best example of such a person is Mr Bill Gates:

The advantages of this job are that: you rake billions and your future generations keep getting money and not only you but they also cannot count the amount of money you have, you are the face that comes to everybody’s mind when they use your creation, you have multiple generations of addicted users of your product and a lot of systems in the world would come to a standstill if your creation suddenly ceases to exist, so your creations is of utmost importance for the world and all this with the product you worked to create.

3.  To be a stock broker who invested and pulled out his money just at the right time. The perfect example of this is Mr Warren Buffet:

The advantages of this job are : you earn a fortune, people around the world want to listen to your ideas and ideology, you are a personality whole comments can make stock markets across the world to rise or crash which means you can play around with the money of billions of people out there and all this while you were trying to increase your own bank balance.

4. To be Hugh Hefner:

For those who do not know him: “He is the founder of PlayBoy”. Do I need to explain the advantages of his job? …you got to be kidding me.

5. To inherit your father’s huge fortune. The perfect example of this is the Ambani brothers:

The advantages of this job are awesome and the best of them all is that you did not have to work your ass off to build a fortune, you got it tailor made and served hot. Your can live your life to the fullest from the beginning, you get a Ferrari’s keys as a gift for your 18th birthday, you have a 30 storey house in some of the most expensive localities of the country and your really do not know how many businesses you have and you thank your dad for blessing you with all his wealth.

6. To be a famous Entertainer and the best example of that is the Indian Super Star : Shahrukh Khan:

The advantages of this job are quite obvious too: you get stardom and attention by the tonnes, get endorsed by almost any brands from a soap to a luxury furnishing brand, charge money for almost anything from your hair to just a 5 min visit to a wedding. You travel around the world for free and people almost do anything just to catch a glimpse of you. But again this is a rare breed of people.

7. To be a famous personality in some thing that has atleast a million followers. The best example of this can be a rock star maybe or a singer:

The advantages of this job are: you pursue your hobby and get money for doing so, you have a lot of “fans” and above all you love what you do and thats the only reason you are doing it.

8. The Final dream job according to me is being a “Yogi: … (lol I don’t mean “Yogi Bear” here… :P) I mean the one who has broken the strands of the material world and is happy in his own spiritual world”

The advantages of this job are : that you do not need anything at all and you are free to do whatever your heart wishes, there is no more a “Dream job” for you.

I have tried to put a lot of “Gyaan” out here and will conclude this post here…. pheww… a lot of thoughts for “My Perfect dream job” , but the stark reality is that more than 99% of us would end their lives doing something that they have not wished or loved all their lives and that is the “Practicality” of the thought. So the solution is to try and love what we do after a large number of repeated attempts do not help us to get into that dream job or do something that we would actually love to do but still may not rake a fortune doing so and finally learn to love other things which you can maybe do 10 years down the line.

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  1. Asha Choudhary says:

    Nice article…loved shahrukh pic as well 🙂

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