Time slows or accelerates erratically akin to a river running its course, a magnificent, unignorable and intimidating presence ;

Some memories and voices don’t fade even though time through its agents of entropy persistently tries, for they remain etched as permanent tattoos on our very essence;

Time is a roaring maelstrom on the surface of our existence trying to pull memories into it’s maws, and as inevitably as it ever did and will do, it goes on and on;

Your memories shine bright as a lighthouse on a dark shore even though time passes and hammers in a painful realization that right now longer, than any moment that has passed before, you have been from our midst gone;

Your voice of sanity, joy and love, brimming with tenderness and sagacity,was a balm on a chaos ravished soul;

Your calmness, selflessness and ready smile a beam of sunshine and an island of peace in the middle of a stormy existence making me by your mere closeness feel whole;

You have left behind mortal realms to traverse the universes of peace and tranquillity from whence you surely drifted accidentally to our flawed chaos infested universe;

Happy Birthday Dearest Dad wherever you are or not, I am not sure about anything yet but there is one thing I am certain about – your existence added a measure of sanity and happiness to our multiverse.

By- Aseem Mahajan

miss dad

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