Irony called Life

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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Another something I wrote around 4 years back.

The Irony

I took this pic myself and the very first thing which struck my mind while clicking this one was the irony it depicted. There is a tree ,which is oh not so old, and in the background someone who is old. This is an image of a village lady sitting in the basking sun, cherishing the lovely morning.
There is a thought in her mind , perhaps many , and what can that be. The greenery of the tree, so prominent in the picture, catches the eye instantly but as the focus has ignored her in this picture similarly she may be in her life by her family. Its the story of everyone’s life (exceptions excluded) , you are born and you get all the attention , you grow up and you grab attention and as you grow old you lose attention.
The thoughts in the mind of a person who has covered the maximum probable distance in their life surely echoes what all that person did in their entire life. So I am afraid at times that, if I do something wrong, what will my thoughts be at an age when I have nothing else to do than think of the milestones in my journey called ‘Life’. So I try to do what I feel is right at my heart.
Sometimes the thought of being so alone and lonely shudders the young heart in me.The look on the face of the old lady in the picture speaks a thousand words though she does not. The plant in the foreground represents the distance between her present and her greener age.The picture depicts Spring and Autumn at the same time.
Live life to the fullest, till you can…
Be Young at heart and stay greener on the inside, though what people see is autumn

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  1. Ashish Grover says:

    Nice thought…..