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  I dreamed once that I was going to be hanged; but I was not at all surprised about it. Nobody was. My relations came to see me off, I thought, and to wish me “Good-bye!” They all came, and were all very pleasant; but they were not in the least astonished–not one of them. […]

Irony called Life

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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Another something I wrote around 4 years back. The Irony I took this pic myself and the very first thing which struck my mind while clicking this one was the irony it depicted. There is a tree ,which is oh not so old, and in the background someone who is old. This is an image […]

I knew my neighbor was an alien. He never used to stare at the extremely beautiful girl staying on the other side of my house. Instead he used to stare at me (before you get funny ideas read further). Additionally he did have greenish skin hidden by a polymer resembling Human skin, 2 antennas which […]