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Posted: 9th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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“I always wanted to…”

“I always wanted to…” sounds familiar isn’t it. This is the thought that echoes in my mind atleast once everyday. The thought is complemented by a different end each day, I always wanted to have more money, I always wanted to be a famous person, I always wanted to be in XYZ place , I always wanted to be able to fly, I always wanted to have magical powers , I always wanted to have a genie of my own and the list perhaps goes on till you can imagine.
This thought provoking “I always wanted to” was seeded into my mind by a latest car ad that comes on and off now adays on TV. Its the Tata Safari Dicor (the ad) and it really has some very thought provoking stimuli in it. I could not help writing about it.

This guy, standing in the middle of the crowd says ” I always wanted to quit on moday morning” …perhaps the thought of many in the crowd and many in the real life too. Out of 100 people I think only 2 or maybe 3 are really happy with what they are doing , for the rest its their bread and butter. This is the world sir, its harsh, what do you think ? everyone’s not born with a golden spoon in their mouth.

Here this guys says “I always wanted to swim with the whales” ..ah my oh so old fantasy of swimming with the dolphins comes to my mind. I really want to swim with the dolphins once in my life. I love the movie series Free Willy just because of this. Ah the freedom of the sea, the intoxication of free will and the spirit of an explorer. Makes me feel ecstatic only when I think of it.
Here this old man says “I always wanted to chase the rain” .This echoes the thoughts of my mind every rainy season, the raindrops falling on the glass windows making that soothing musical noise, a wave of respite and heat released from your brain when you hear that sound . I dont know what always holds me back from going and expressing my joy by feeling the raindrops on my face. Its the dammn sophistication or the thought “Hey What will people think…” Darn!!! My thoughts which hold me back from enjoying the joys of nature.

Here this guy echoes me. What I and you perhaps really do… He keeps sitting and thinking “I always wanted to…” and the cloks behind him keeps running in circles as it does for all of us . Time passed by and we keep thinking “I always wanted to…” Just look at the depth of these words, Then there is the line which I love “Reclaim your life ” , but then it occurs to me ..”HOW !! Godammnit !! HOW???”

Then I think how not only me but many people just think and hold themselves back by saying this to themselves “I always wanted to…”. According to me as the technology progresses and the world becomes so techhy we are losing the sense of Reclaiming our lives , we rather prefer to be enslaved by our thoughts , the world , the material things just to show something to whom …These Mortals (who really dont care). We entered the 21st century 5 years ago , and it brought with it many a lot new great technology, but I am afraid for many of us it took away our creativity, our freedom of thoughts , the thoughts being guided by the material things which if not in reach ,we struggle to earn to get them, and what after you have it….The charm is lost in not so long …Then what …We see something else and then work towards it ….

Stop it!!! We need a break …and fulfill atleast something that “I always wanted to” thoughts say to you. I dont want to think about what people are thinking of me and have fun like I am in the world for one day… I think I will be able to do this some day… alas !!! I may not end up saying , like all these people…”I always wanted to…”

The sun rises and sets every day and the thought “I always wanted to…” echoes in the back of our minds. I wish that we dont miss the oppurtunity called LIFE to play the music our minds long to hear and can give anything to play. The music oh so soothing it takes away all the worries for a moment.
Best of luck …. Mortals !!!

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  1. Ashish Grover says:

    Simple actions reap big rewards!…… Good Going…