Posted: 8th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Poems
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As the miles roll by and I see Earth’s various hues,

As the downpour washes away my blues,

I feel raw as a newborn child,

All the rough edges i have gathered smoothened and my temper rendered mild,

I beseech life then to let me be but an observer of its mosaic shades,

To let me indulge myself with fleeting glances of its grandeur before my memory fades,

From dawn to dusk, in a nanosecond or a century you inevitably change,

I hunger for a glimpse of your tapestry of sights,smells,tastes,an infinite range,

When I detach myself from my sensory input to immerse myself in your spectacle I

perceive a curious attachment,

A sense of oneness with everything transient and permanent,

I feel like a cog in the machinery of this universe, one of the multitude but somehow extaordinarily significant to the whole,

For in that moment of pure immersion I am nothing without the cosmos and the cosmos are nought without my soul,

In that warped time I traverse centuries and infinite minds in fleeting seconds before I return to my shell,

Nature nothing but you is my God, Heaven and Hell.

By-Aseem Mahajan

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  1. Ashish Grover says:

    All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness
    within……. Good going guys!!! I like most of your posts….:)