When anybody hears the term-“Oktoberfest” all one thinks about is the ultimate festival of beer. But a rainy visit to the hallowed grounds of Beerland gave me a fresh perspective on what exactly Oktoberfest is.

The majestic statue of a lady with a lion leant a sombre and towering presence overhanging the grounds. The grounds decked out with huge tents with the logos of the beer companies printed out proudly or revolving at towers atop or alongside the tents. The alcohol inspired cacophony, the flirtations and frank conversations fuelled by many a litre of beer coursing through the people, the traditional food, the girls and guys in traditional dresses, the rides that mark the huge grounds, all made for a  loud tableau that screamed out its message- have fun!!  The families at the ground enjoying everything at offer lent the festivities a family- friendly air too adding to the youthful exuberance all around.


In the evening- The music from the rides and the couples and young folks lost in each other or simply to the rhythms as they danced to the music in the tents or simply to that from the rides, made for a heart-warming scene. Dance classics like “Macarena” playing from loud speakers as the rides whirred by ever higher in circles of bright lights. Joy plastered on even tired faces. That’s when it hit me-“Its not about the beer stupid!! It’s about the romance of the occasion, the music and the festivities. Of course the beer helps it all around though!!”

On the way back, in the bus, heard some of the funny experiences a few girls from the group from our university had- like getting wedding proposals from drunk guys, guys showing their 6 packs to impress them etc etc adding to the humour of the occasion.

O carry on ye traditions Oktoberfest and let the smiles be always as broad as the music plays on in those hallowed grounds of Munich.

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