While watching a concert video of the legendary Michael Jackson yesterday, a thought crossed my mind which happens to cross the mind an umpteen number of times, which is :” Wow!!! He is awesome. ‘What-if’ I could also be like this?”. this simple one line thought opens up a world of possibilities and then our mind takes an endless flight of fantasy and for a moment we close our eyes and find ourselves in the shoes of the person we are thinking about. Be it MJ, you can feel for a while the crowd cheering for you and you dancing like him  or be it Sachin Tendulkar you feel like the crowd is shouting Sachin- Sachin for you. The feeling is enough to make you week in the knees and a wave of anticipation and desire electrify the whole of your body and soul.

In our lifetime we would aspire to be perhaps atleast a 1000 different persons (this figure is just based on my random thoughts right now). It can range from the guy next door who owns a mercedes, to a famous personality, to the Prime Minister of India, to Hugh Hefner, to Richard Branson, to Vijay Mallya, to Mukesh Ambani, to Shahrukh Khan, to a sportsperson when he wins an honor for his country or a prestigious title for himself. So, the choice is infinite and almost every day this thought crosses our minds that :”What-if?”. Man, this word is powerful , its giving the chills to me right now, the feeling of magnanimous power and filthy money…wow!!!

It is but in reality just a passing feeling and the second moment the lightning from the sky jolts you back to your bed, where you are sitting with a laptop and not watching the TV that is on and talking to youself, Hmm…what would i do if I were _______? (fill in the blank with the current person in your thoughts) and just keep thinking , thinking , thinking and guess what an hour has passed and we are still thinking. Then you say to yourself :”Put this time to some use dumbo, if you actually want to be like that someone”.

My 2 cents… you got to be extremely lucky, hard working , willing to take the risk to be any of the person you are thinking about. You are thinking about being that person because you are at some level not close to them. And you know what you would be fully charged and willing to go those extra 8 miles to reach where you think you should. But the very next day the thought in your mind would change to :” Kee Farak Painda hai???” (“How does it matter?”)… I am fine the way I am…huhh!!! But the fact remains , the next time you are watching the TV and Roger Federer lifts that Wimbeldon shield , you would be imagining yourself standing in London holding that shining shiled and having your 32 teeth out for the cameras to test their reflection quotient.

This is the power of imagination that lets us aspire our desires and be the person we might never be in our lives, not even near probably. So go on have fun, never stop dreaming, aspiring and desiring… because: “You never know!!!”


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