A poem I wrote inspired by my first two weeks at IIM Calcutta.Its been fun and hoping for more good times ahead.


New Life, New beginnings, Tides of change elicit a sigh,

Joy and apprehension intermingled exist when an adventure is nigh,

For even welcome change approaches with nostalgia in tow,

Some emotions unbidden; sorrow, joy, excitement, anxiety, alternately make me smile or furrow my brow,

Sorrow for things now lost, Joy of new beginnings, the excitement and anxiety of an adventure just begun,

A life in nature’s lap, with a definite promise of camaraderie and fun,

I cast my apprehensions aside and let the waves of a fresh beginning wash over me, making me smile,

With the latent anxiety hovering just below the surface, to be discovered every once in a while,

But then life’s an uncertain journey and I am a self-proclaimed undaunted explorer, a wanderer who seeks nought but the voyage,

Bring on the journey, the milestones blurry and the destination but a vague impression on the horizon; let our spirit never age.



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