Finally another chapter in the Transformer series opened with the “Dark of the moon”. The highlights of this part in the transformer series are awesome action sequences, the new hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and great graphics.

The film is starts with the Cybertron(The home planet of the Tansformers) wars between Primes and Decepticons and a prime aircraft carrying the Einstien of Primes is destroyed by the decepticon fighters. This aircraft is carrying a technology that can change the shape of the universe and its creator Sentinel Prime and after being hit by the decepticon missiles it crash lands on the dark side of the moon. The NASA and the Russian space agencies detect this crash and hence send the first manned moon pilots in the form of Neil Armstrong and Aldrin. Upon landing on moon they explore the alien craft and confirm that we are not alone in this universe and there is some advanced alien race in existence.

From here on the scene shifts to the butt of the hottie Rosie and we see her as the latest girlfriend of Sam. She is looking awesomely hot in the movie and drives an even awesomer Mercedes SLS AMG. And her butt looks too good to be real in 3D :P. She is secretary of a multi-millionaire car aficionado while our Sam is on the lookout for a job.

Meanwhile, its shown that the Autobots and the NEST team have collaborated and help in maintaining peace in the world by conducting controlled strikes in the middle east and thus helping maintain balance and peace in the world.

Then we are taken to Chernobyl where the nuclear disaster is linked to the Russians experimenting with an alien craft’s part (its the part from the prime ship that crashed on the moon). There is an evil dragon shaped decepticon watching the complete operation and then another new mother of all drills decepticon called Shockwave comes ripping through the building and the primes and the NEST team are taken by surprise and Optimus is led to believe that the Decepticons might have found the crashed ship and need this part for something. Our heroes Optimus and Iron Hide travel to the moon to locate the ship and bring back Sentinel Prime and 5 pillars from his invention with them. Optimus brings Sentinel to life using the matrix’s power that brought him back to life in the last part. The evil bird decepticon reports to Megatron about the bringing back of Sentinel to earth and him being revived by Optimus(Megatron is shown in a Banshee form with a huge shotgun, tore out brain and transforming into an ugly and beastly looking armorized truck).

Then there is a matrix like highway scene with two decepticon chevvy trucks trying to kill Sentinel and our bumble bee’s awesome heroics in saving Sam’s life. Slowly the plot reveals that Sentinel actually wants Cybertron to reach in earth’s atmosphere and use the humans as slave workers to bring back Cybertron to its original glory, he plans to do this with the help of Megatron. And we see that there are humans on earth who have collaborated with Decepticons also just like our Sam who is a liason of the autobots. Sentinel shows his evil side and destroys the NEST headquarters and runs away with the 5 pillars Optimus brought along with him from the moon.

Now, the awesome action begins and the process of bringing Cybertron to earth starts to take shape with a huge number of decepticons being teleported to earth using Sentine’s invention, which is actually a teleportation device. Autobots are held responsible for this an they are exiled from earth to go and live on any planet of their choice. The decepticons empty out the city of California and start the process of telporting Cybertron. There are lots of action packed sequences and awesome cars in this part of the movie like the shockwave decepticon bringing down the entire building and the base jumping NEST team lading in the city.

All in all this part has great action and there is so much to write about it that it can continue almost forever, so its better watched in a theater near you. Though there is no strong indication for the next part in the transformer series of movies, but I would surely love to watch the autobots in action again and again. For the 3D movie goers, 4th row from the front, center corner. And the movie is quite long and it was interval free where I watched it and it was worth it. I would rate it 8.5/10.

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