A reverie lost in the last bird song of the day. The fragrance of a thousand life forms intermingled to form the perfume of nature. The canopy of stars and the tiny squirming life(my puppy) in my arms- bliss is such little moments gathered together over a lifetime.

The song of silent words and unshared dreams resonant in my being. The little patch of grass at my back, the endless universe in my sight and me a tiny little speck in its infinite multitudes but infinitely important; for a spectacle requires a spectator. The nature is grandiose because human imagination is confounded, astounded and enraptured by this masterpiece.

My dream of experiencing this diversity that our planet and the universe is full of is sure to remain unfulfilled but I know that as long as I am alive I will seek travel as a means of experiencing a fraction of the whole and making it my own little universe of experience.

The beauty of  creation ( spontaneous or god’s -take your pick am on the fence myself) is not just the apparent beauty its also in the mind boggling variety and short lifespans –for wonders would never cease as the world is too vast and our lifetimes too short for us to experience even a semblance of totality.

For those not enamoured by natural wonders there is a universe composed of human emotions and moods as fragile yet everlasting as the universe itself(relative to our lifetimes).

This mind boggling beauty and thinking back on our original state of existence comprehension dawns regarding the genesis of religion and science. Our minds demand a reasonable explanation of the unexplainable for preservation of our fragile sanities. Such explanations were and are not self evident but religion provided immediate and lasting comfort in the form of comforting rituals and beliefs and science made us realize we understand and know virtually nothing.  So the primacy of the former is a foregone logical progression of the scheme of things. Then came civilization and people started daring to stretch our horizons of knowledge and to seek an answer to every question that could be envisaged. But the questions were and are infinite and the answers evermore but always insufficient.

So religion will continue to rule the roost for the foreseeable future. Knowledge might erode our established definitions of sanity but then the unknown beckons the human spirit as much as the known comforts it.

Here’s to forevermore suffering the agony of insufficient knowledge that drives us and keeps us sane.

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  1. Shreyans says:

    This blog post is based on one assumption – religion was retrograde and the flow into science is a great positive development. But, if you go deeper into religious philosophy, you will realize how a lot of Indian religions already discuss multiple aspects of quantum physics, and talk of philosophy which is as scientific as science. Please refer to The Tao of Physics for the same. You will realize that religion is not just pure ritual.

    In fact, religions themselves debate the presence of God – Buddhism is an agnostic religion, Jainism is atheistic and Hinduism is monotheistic contrary to most beliefs. Our judgement of religion is based on the Western concept of religion that we learnt in our schools or what has been socially passed down to us, but I would recommend you to go beyond it and discover the philosophy of Eastern religions and make a judgement for yourself, independent of schooling, society or media.

    Enjoy your fence-sitting experience. Choose well 🙂 All the Best!

    • aseem.ace says:

      Honestly have not read much religious philosophy except for a few books on eastern philosophy by western authors- primarily Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger along with 5-6 science fiction books that had discussions on Zen and Christianity . I have read a few Zen Koans and honestly I am very attracted to Buddhist Philosophy-the underlying theme of oneness with everything is pretty compelling. But as you said Buddhism is an agnostic religion and as stated above I am agnostic 🙂 so maybe I should not say religion is a retrograde move. But as my thought process is evolving I am leaning more towards the atheist side of the fence having been witness to utter indifference of the universe to the weakest of its beings.Honestly I was a spiritual(mind you not religious) person before medical school. Some things I saw shook me up and as I believe in challenging my beliefs my faith weakened so much so that I have alternately labelled myself an atheist or an agnostic.
      Thanks for the wishes.I had actually read your blog some time ago and its an honor to receive your comment.