Posted: 28th November 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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The ground beneath my feet had run out. The ravine stared me in the face. The wind tried to push me over the edge . Fate had always colluded with the Present to make me come crashing to the barren realms of reality. And lo and behold I had wings. My angst ridden soul tore up the fabric of space and I soared above the mortals. Yonder I saw the regimented routines followed by men and ants for now I had the vision of an eagle too. The atmosphere and gravity which had been my shackles slipped away and I was as free as a naked soul. A solid corporeal entity ensconced in the music of its beating wings with the blue river of sky and the white fields of clouds its playgrounds. Then I cried with the purest sensation of joy coursing through every particle of my being. As my teardrops became kin to raindrops I writhed with the pure ecstacy of freedom . And then I fell. Then I fell… The ground beneath rushed up to embrace me. The tentacles of death tried to snatch away the beauty of those perfect moments for drudgery is eternal and beauty is ephemeral. Then I smiled . For I did not want to die not smiling..

By Aseem Mahajan

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