After being plagued by shunning of the Flash technology by Apple on all of its portable devices such as the Iphone, Ipod and the Ipad Adobe systems has risen from the ashes and claim to have made tremendous performance improvements in the latest version of Flash player i.e. the Flash Player 10.2.

Engineer Mike Melanson explains the enormous task load Flash must endure:

“In addition to decoding the data, [Flash] has to convert YUV data to the RGB colorspace and combine the image with other Flash elements. Then it has to cooperate with another application (web browser) to present the video to the user… It plays linear media files from start to finish while combining the video with a wide array of graphical and interactive elements (buttons, bitmaps, vector graphics, filters), as well as providing network, webcam, and microphone facilities, all programmable via a full-featured scripting language.”

Till now there have been positive reviews of the release at various forums. Adobe had been sleeping over its success in the past, but in the recent times and increasing competition in the web domain, Adobe needs to sit up and pay attention on the performance of its products.
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