Boss is always right syndrome

Posted: 4th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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Some of my corporate experiences summarized(NOTE: This is based on my experience with my previous bosses till now and might not apply to you at all as you maybe from one of the lucky guys having great bosses) :

Its an observation of mine that the higher a person climbs in the hierarchy, barring a selected few the more their thoughts go into the anarchy mode. Where I live, I have heard a common slang that , “Jaise Jaise Bade hote ho Akal Ghutno mein jatee hai” , that is, “As you grow older your intelligence shifts to your knees”. I think this is quite true not only for going ahead in age , but also at the same time going up in the official hierarchy.
The people who were very cooperative, and manager abusing two days before becoming managers , start behaving in a very different manner within hours of becoming one. And the higher a guy climbs the hierarchal ladder the more insensitive and power hungry they become. I personally prefer the ones that stay grounded even if they climb the highest of heights. But in the rule of people like BlackFatso none is immune from being a virus infected anarchist. And as they say there is no cure for viruses, either you wait for them to heal or you cannot do anything. Or if the viruses are like the swine flu ones , the more you try to self-medicate , hoping that the things will become better, the more you move towards a sure death: Death here is synonymous to least rewards, least recognition, even the danger of being called a low performer whereas you might be better than the top and more workload than you can handle. 🙂
I personally think that as the people go higher in management (leaving a few , and I strongly feel I am one of the people from the others club) , more is the time they get to rotate their chairs. And as the brain has already loosened up since the time they left their work or the will to do that, more loose their brains become. Pure logic seems insignificant to them , only the world confined to their cubicles or floors is the distance their thinking goes upto.And if this kind of a chair rotating maniac comes in your life, believe me its a maze, you can get out of it but its virtually impossible, you have choice to drill a hole and get out or you can keep moving in the hope of escaping only to find that you always find a wall waiting for you.
Now, tips to save your ass from the Rotating chair maniacs:
1. Never say No to anything, you might not actually do what you just said “Yes” to, but always say , “Yes I WILL do it!!!”
2. Always say hello when you meet him, and preferably also add Sir as an adjective.
3. Praise them at the most non-praisable moment.
4. Always do a task you could have done in a day in a minimum of 2-3 days, showing that you have been ultra-busy but chatting or internet browsing all the time. (Alas, I came to know of this quite late, things had gone out of hand till that time, I wanted to be the hare 🙂 )
5. Always exaggerate what you have done, make a story that sounds interesting and that makes the other person think you actually did so many things.
6. If possible, spend more time in office, working is not mandatory though, you can sit idle , but you have to be in the office.
7. If you are a girl and look good, you don’t have to work. Just talk. ( I dont mean to hurt the feelings of girls here, this is actually true).
8. If you feel you can do things in a better and more intelligent way, keep it to yourself, do the things in the most dumbest way possible.
9. On weekends and after office hours send 2-3 emails to prove that you also work from home or on the weekends.
10. Keep in mind, if you dont follow all the above your life is going to be miserable. 🙂

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