Bosses Vs Leeches

Posted: 16th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Thoughts
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The degree of notoriety of a boss in a normal working professional’s life is what decides that he is a blood sucker or not. As you might have seen from a lot of Dracula movies , as the Dracula gets older he get more expert in making a kill. Similar phenomenon applies to the bosses also, the older he gets the more blood thirsty he is. He would be on the lookout for every single chance where he can get a drink. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are various categories of blood sucking bosses. As I might categorize them, I would do so in the following categories:

1. An Aggressive sucker : He would keep you always on toes and persuade you to work late in the night and in the worst case on weekends too.He feels sadistic pleasure when he sees you writhing in pain with loads of work. These kinds are fairly common to find and they can make your personal life hell. The symptoms that you have an Aggressive one sucking your blood are : you feel like leaving the organization without having another offer at hand, you feel like planting the best punch on your boss, you want to fill every work-life survey with the least satisfaction index, you want to blast your frustration in HR meetings (if any), you think that you no longer want to work anymore, and the worst is that you feel like killing him.

2. A guided sucker: This is more unfortunate on your boss than its on you. This category is the one where the top honcho is an Aggressive sucker and he wants all his subordinates to be the same. He passes directives on how to do that.The guided sucker has no option but let you have it. And its his blood that is being sucked by the one above him and your blood gets sucked in lieu of replacement of the deficiency. The symptoms are you feel like breaking your bosses’ car windows or deflate the tyres when you see his car, you dont like to see his name flashing on your mobile screen. But my suggestion is that you try to understand his plight too. But a warning here too, the guided sucker would one day turn into an actual aggressive sucker , as you might have seen in many dracula movies , that the blood of the count dracula can turn even a human into a vampire. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 .Mild suckers and No suckers: This is not a category as such , as these are some qualities you inherit as a part and parcel of being a manager. These are imbibed into you be maybe some sucking training or something. These guys are still humans at heart and no dracula is biting them on their neck. They dont make your life miserable, but its their duty to sometimes put pressure on you to meet deadlines and stuff like that. You have to learn to bear with atleast these to survive in the sucking corporate culture.

And the discretionary and a free advise is that there is no anti-dote to getting your blood sucked as long as you are in a job, you might be James bond of your area , but your blood donation still continues. Those who Happily donate get the best ice creams and cold drinks. Those who (like me) are reluctant to donate are made to do so by putting them on torture beds and chairs and tying their arms and hands and the worst is that tough donors miss on the ice creams too :(.

Anyways this sucking culture is an inseparable twin of your job, the culture and the job is joined at the body, if you try to remove one twin the other would also die, the choice is yours, either learn to live with it or kill the twins and start something of your own. ๐Ÿ™‚ , But we all know how emotional we are , killing the twins is very tough.

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