Finally A Beemer to challenge Fortuner’s Fortune

Posted: 29th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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Its official now, the BMW X1 is in India and is going to be available July 2011 onwards. And the great news is that its going to cost approximately 25 lakhs, which is less than the Toyota Fortuner. This market has been currently captured by the muscular 7 seater Fortuner, whereas the X1 is a 5 seater but the allure of a beemer is difficult to resist.

The new compact SUV is going to be imported as CKD (Completely Knocked down) kits and assembled in the BMW Chennai Plant to keep the costs under tab. The SUV is going to have a 2000 cc diesel engine and an 1800 cc petrol engine as choice of its heart. BMW is not posing the X1 as an off-roader but a great looking and comfortable city commuter. BMW’s cars are high on tech and loaded with features and it appeals the tech savvy buyer who wants style and wants make a statement at the same time.

The interiors look great and highly functional as expected from a BMW:

Its already being pitched as best seller in its category by a number of auto enthusiasts, but the excitement is yet now over Audi is also preparing its India assembled Q5 from March 2010.  Lets keep our hopes high for right pricing of new cars to be launched in India. The Indian market is finally being seen as a market of serious and knowledgeable buyers and the days when the buyers only had the choice of buying a Maruti 800, A Premier Padmini and a HM Ambassador are long passe.

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