Motorla Droid 2 explodes in a guy’s ear

Posted: 4th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Mobiles
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One of the most popular Android phones of the recent times has been the Motorola Droid 2, but a guy in the US had a narrow escape after buying his new phone and using it for 2 days. He was simply using the phone when he heard a small explosion and blood started running down his face. He was rushed to the hospital immediately where he was treated for minor injuries, thankfully he did not have any hearing loss or more severe forms of damages exploding mobile phone can do.

What’s all the more amazing is that the phone was working fine, it was able to receive and make calls and the phone battery was intact too. This has been reported to the Motorola authorities.

Here is what Motorola had to say about the incident

“Motorola’s priority is, and always has been the safety of our customers, and all Motorola products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed international and local standards for consumer safety. We will reach out to the consumer and investigate this thoroughly.â€�

via AndroidCentral | Source : WFAA

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