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Posted: 22nd December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Bikes
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The Neander 1400 Turbo Diesel

Most people do not dream of their bike running on a diesel heart especially after the abysmal failure of the Royal Enfield Taurus bike which was launched in India a few years back. Diesel engines are thought of as high maintenance, oil dripping and noisy beasts of engines. But, in today’s world of engines diesel engines have proved to be more cleaner, powerful and fuel efficient than their petrol counterparts.

Germany’s Neander Motors is planning a new bike running on a 1430cc turbocharged parallel-twin diesel engine developed by Rupert Baindl. The engine has given hope to the bike world and is looking promising to become the world’s first turbo-diesel production motorcycle.

The specifications for this beast are:

Neander 1400 TurboDiesel

Engine: Air/oil-cooled turbocharged parallel-twin diesel with twin 360-degree geared crankshafts, dual con-rods per cylinder
Valve arrangement: Apfelbeck eight-valve cylinder head with gear-driven double overhead camshafts, and radial valves with opposed inlet and exhaust tracts
Bore x stroke, displacement: 108 x 78.2 mm, 1430cc
Compression ratio: 16:1
Carburetion: Garrett turbocharger with intercooler, Bosch electronic direct fuel injection, single top injector, 31mm throttle body
Transmission: 6-speed Aprilia RSV1000R gearbox, multiplate dry clutch
Final drive: Belt
Weight: 595 lbs. dry
Rake/trail: 31 degrees / 109 mm
Wheelbase: 68.5 in.
Seat height:25.5 in.
Front suspension: 43mm Paioli inverted fork
Rear suspension: Single cantilever Ohlins damper
Wheels: Spun-aluminum, 18×3.5 front, 18×5.5 rear
Front brake: 2, 4-piston Performance Machine calipers, 11.8-in. discs
Rear brake: 4-piston Performance Machine caliper, 11.8-in. disc
Front tire: 130/60-18 Metzeler Marathon
Rear tire: 240/40-18 Metzeler Marathon
Claimed top speed: Over 140 mphClaimed power & torque (at crankshaft): 94 bhp @ 4200 rpm, 129 ft/lb @ 2600 rpm

I sure hope this bike ushers a new biking revolution like the cars nowadays running on more powerful and fuel efficient diesel engines.

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