Porsche 918 RSR

Posted: 13th January 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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This car was conceptualized in the game called Gran Turismo and Porsche has decided to go all out and created a production version called The Porsche 918 RSR ($TBA). This new baby has a V8 engine good for 563 hp at a dizzying 10,300 rpm. The Engine is linked to two front wheel-mounted electric motors that are powered by a flywheel accumulator which charges during braking and can provide eight seconds of 767 hp motoring at the push of a button (Its like a virtual electronic supercharger and the feeling of such a thing sounds awesome). You would also get bonuses such as a special racing paint job, a lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic shell, a six-speed constant-mesh transmission, and the inability to legally drive it any place other than the track.

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