Urwerk UR-110

Posted: 20th January 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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Its a watch any one who craves for gadgets would love to adorn their wrist. Its a watch from Urwerk.

The features of the watch are (Source: www.urwerk.com):

The UR-110 indicates time by means of a revolving satellite complication on planetary gears featuring three parallel hour/minute modules resembling torpedoes. The time is displayed on the right side of the watch, with the satellites following a vertical line – 0 to 60 minutes – in a downward motion. The ingenuity of this layout lies in allowing the wearer to view the time discreetly and elegantly without the need to pull back a cuff.

Enveloped in a secure titanium case, a central carousel provides the complication with stability and equilibrium, while planetary gearing keeps the three counter-balanced time modules in parallel formation. The dial side Control Board features small seconds; an “Oil Change” indicator to alert the user when it is time for a service; and a Day/Night indicator to help keep track of changing time zones. Visible on the back, twin air turbines minimize wear in the automatic winding system.”

I would definitely love to own one of these, but it must be insanely expensive for sure, the price has not yet been announced.

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