The Shelby Tuatara

Posted: 28th July 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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This is the super sexy and ultra luxury performance sports car from Shelby supercars. Shelby cobra has been iconized by the movie “Gone in 60 seconds” by Nicolas Cage’s most prized car. The Shelby Supercars Tuatara is the latest creation from the exotic car maker and is named after the living fossil lizard Tuatara found in Newzealand. The car has a striking carbon fiber body design, a 7.0L twin turbo V8 good for roughly 1350hp, a seven-speed manual or SMG transmission, and one piece carbon fiber wheels.

This is one hell of a car that makes your heart races just with the looks it dons. The price of the car is yet not out but you can start saving for it when the prices are out.

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