A good sun film for your car

Posted: 21st December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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Sunfilms is one of the most gray area in the automotive domain. In India, most people I meet often debunk the concept of sunfilm as something that can be fitted from a road side vendor ofr a mere INR 400-500 and is just there to darken the glasses of the car. My suggestion to all such folks is to just hold on here and please don’t put your buck in any such film that can fit your pocket and the car but not serve the actual purpose of installation.
A sun film is supposed to not only darken the glasses but more importantly to reject a certain amount of Infrared rays or heat of the sun and block the UV rays that are harmful and can cause skin cancer. And believe me getting a good quality film installed on the car does both of them. In my case I have the Garware NF Vlite on the side windows and the rear window and the Garware Fronty covering the front windscreen costing me a total of INR 4000 (and believe me its still less, people spend 20-25k just on getting the best quality films installed on their cars). Since the time I got these installed on my car, I have felt the reduction in the actual amount of heat transmitted by the car windows and without compromising the legal limits of visibility set by the Indian Supreme court which say that the front and the rear windscreens need to have 70% Visual Light Transmission and the side windows need 50% Visual Light Transmission. I must say that I have been satisified with the performance of my car film till now and I suggest to the readers that do not ignore the significance and the usability of getting a good quality film installed in your car just to save a few bucks here and there. Nowadays, almost everyone spends a good amount of time travelling and which amounts to a lot of hours spent inside the 6 mirrors that surround your car.

My suggestion for the takers is that if you want to install a sun film go ahead and get a good one, you will not regret your decision.

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