Tron legacy is a visual spectacle and though detractors of 3-D might disagree the 3-D effects add an interactive gaming experience like feel to this incredible movie. Its an extraordinary treat for the senses(with very few peers in the history of movies-2001 a Space Odyssey and Avatar being the ones that come most readily to mind although 2001 is a far better movie than this or avatar according to me).

While the stunts pulled by Sam Flynn(the son of Kevin Flynn who created the Tron Universe) in the outside world provide a grand opening to the movie the really cool effects kick in when he enters the Tron universe.Special effects I barely thought possible and the technology aided bonus of a CG(computer generated) young Jeff Bridges along with that of the incorrigible Bridges’ himself make this a special movie. Although i must confess his utterances such as “radical,man” struck a jarring note in the world of Tron.

The light cycle battles are a treat to watch and experience via 3-D for bike enthusiasts.

The presence of Olivia Wilde (who topped Maxim’s hot 100 list for 2009 beating the likes of Megan fox) and the sirens adds more than a fair share of glamour to the quotient.The innocence portrayed by Wilde’s character Quorra as she asks Sam, “Do you know Jules Verne?â€� and Sam says, “Yeah,â€� so Quorra asks, “So what’s he like?â€� and when she asks him to describe the sun for her are two of the best written lines of the movie for me.

The role of Michael Sheen as Castor,a small yet interesting cameo, is reminiscent of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.
The visual delights are accompanied by a great soundtrack courtesy Daft Punk. The following video provides a tantalising peep into the visual and musical delights of the movie-

    But despite all this the plot seems a bit thin and stops this movie from becoming a masterpiece. Being unfamiliar with the cult classic Tron might be the reason i felt this but the plot is the one thing they seemed to have spent the least time on with the pace of the story seeming a bit hurried at times.With the colossal budget this movie is rumored to have (170 million estimated although imdb estimates it at 300 million) the plot should have been more refined.

    All in all though the kind of visual artistry at display in this movie,awe-inspiring special effects accompanied by one of the best soundtracks in recent years make this a must watch movie despite the relatively weak plot.

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