In this image is the HTC Google Nexus one sitting with the newly announced Samsung Google Nexus S . Google has again followed the Nexus one path with no viral marketing campaigns and a news kept under the wraps and doing rounds in the speculation circles until a week before the phone would be available from BestBuy from December 16 for USD 529 for an unlocked phone. Though, this has been one of the great things about the Google phones that they are available off-the-shelf unlocked and the users don’t need to run about for getting some hacker to write some code for unlocking a locked phone and then being able to use it. As is the case with the famous Apple Iphone.

The Nexus S has the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S i.e. the 1 Ghz Hummingbird. The main differences between the Nexus one and the Nexus S are the processor( Nexus one has the 1Ghz Snapdragon while the Nexus S has the 1Ghz Hummingbird which is better in rendering graphics), the screen size (Nexus one has a 3.7 inch screen compared to the 4 inch in the Nexus S) , one of the very advantageous differences is the on-board 16Gb memory in Nexus S compared to the puny 512 Mb in the Nexus one making the space available for applications a bare minimum for the power users, though I am a bit surprised that apart from this 16 Gb there is no card extension slot in the Nexus S , another difference that is apparent is the change of manufacturer from HTC to Samsung and the final difference is the battery which was 1400 mAh in the Nexus one and is 1500 mAh in the Nexus S.

The Nexus S would be coming factory installed with the Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread, though the Nexus one too is slated to receive the update in the next few weeks. The hardware looks good and the Android goodness makes the phone definitely worth the wait if you are planning to purchase a new smart phone. And since I myself am a Nexus one user, I would vouch for the Nexus S in comparison to its competitor : “The Apple Iphone”.

Some of the major highlights of the Android 2.3 OS are:

  1. New on-screen keyboard. The standard keyboard has been greatly improved in Android 2.3, with faster input and more intuitive typing. Even cut-and-paste got a makeover.
  2. Streamlined user interface. New color schemes and various UI changes and polish make Android more consistent and simpler to use.
  3. Application and power management. Android 2.3 provides better insight into what is running in the background, how much memory and CPU time it is using, and even lets you kill misbehaving apps.
  4. SIP Internet calling. Voice over IP is integrated directly into Android 2.3. Unfortunately a third party SIP account would be needed to use this feature.
  5. Download management. All your downloads from your browser, email, and other apps, can now be viewed and controlled from one place.

This is the phone to lookout for the Android lovers this holiday season, its to wait and watch whether Google would be able to weave the magic with Nexus S which the Nexus one could not.

The official Samsung and Google release video:

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  1. Ashish Grover says:

    helpful information… I was planning to buy a phone and I think it is a nice phone. Thanks for helping me out:)

    • Aditya Mahajan says:

      You are always welcome Ashish… you can always drop by for reviews on other stuff and if you want something in particular you can request it @Contact Us page

  2. Rahul Bharadwaj says:

    Nice comparison. Adobe is giving us HTC Desire or Samsung galaxy S. I have opted for Samsung Galaxy S. Any comments??