Posted: 10th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Opinions
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The misery of a viva is a thing everyone who has ever been a student is familiar with.
The entry into the prof’s or teacher’s room revokes the images of a bleating goat being led into the sacrificial chamber.
And how you wish you could also bleat in fear but supremely confident appearance is one of the criteria for a successful viva.
But ever since I became insane (my friends help me push the date back frequently) I have started enjoying the viva voce. I nearly burst out laughing at my miserable vivas. Sometimes I really want to laugh aloud and tap the back of my questioner in sympathy. In those moments I realise that I have finally become the crackpot I was destined to be.
I feel elated instead of depressed after every miserable viva of mine. I really love coming back to my room after a viva; putting the latch and then putting some head banging song on my speakers.Then I dance (a very polite term for my kicking and flailing my arms about).
In those moments I feel really alive.All in all the misery of viva is elevated by insanity into a nice experience.

By -Aseem Mahajan

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