Last Winter

Posted: 10th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Poems
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The chill of last winter is still in their bones,

Their very souls froze at a brush of the cold stones,

The fire in their hearth burned strong and bright ,

Yet against the chill of the heart, it provided no respite,

For the winter’s chill was not due to the freezing winds alone,

It was rendered colder by many a pain filled moan,

For beseeching eyes seeked but a beacon of hope,

But misery marred the horizon and they broke,

They broke due to the chill and their incessant pain,

They broke such that they could never really heal again,

They shed copious tears as fear, grief and despair beset their soul,

Their very being shattered into a thousand fragments which never could
coalesce to a whole,

For they saw life pouring out of their child’s shell,

A torture far greater than all the torments of hell,

The chill seemed to feed off their weary demeanor,

And fate and cruel nature colluded to provide no succor,

As life ebbed away wasting the apple of their eyes,

They asked the inevitable question that arises as a loved one dies,

Why do we have to undergo this horrific pain which our fabric seems to

Why cruel separation when supposedly to the same post mortal realm we all
inescapably travel?

Faith, its lack or abundance, both proved futile in their quest for sanity
and solace,

Time- the great healer; their only hope to emerge out of their grieving

To a semblance of normality as time threatened to unravel the carefully
created spools of life,

As inexorably the Indifferent nature goes about its mundane tasks unmindful
of human need and strife

By-Aseem Mahajan

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