MegaMind 3D — A movie Review

Posted: 25th December 2010 by Aditya Mahajan in Reviews
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Megamind was a bit late for a release in India, but for an animation movie retaining a 7.3 IMDB rating with 6000+ votes till now, it was worth the wait in India. I would not say that its an amazingly outstanding movie, but its good as a one time watch and the 3D is really commendable for this one. (hush hush: remember to watch it in a normal 3D hall from the front 4th or 3rd row center corner to get the most out of your buck).

The movie revolves around MetroCity , a city which has a super villain “Megamind” (Ferrell)and a super hero “Metro Man” (Brad Pitt). The supervillain is able to overcome his biggest enemy, “The Metro Man” but then his life gets boring and he finds it meaningless. Then begins his quest for bringing the interest back to his life and a saga of mistakes and “predictable” plans has lots of entertainment in store for hte viewers. His alien fish “Minion” is the only one who cares for “Megamind”. Though the plot was a pretty common one and almost similar to a hindi movie of the 80s but the presentation and candidness of presentation has your interest and involvement in what you are being served.

Dreamworks, as usual, has taken great care in modeling the best looking characters for the movie. The characters are the soul of the movie and Megamind’s innocence, planning and “wickedness” has your attention all the way through. The interesting but the “predictable outcome” point in the plot is the attempt of the genius Megamind to create a duplicate of Metro Man to make his life interesting. The movie feels like dragging a little bit towards the center but the 3D and the stunning graphics makes up for the drag. I would rate this as 3/5.

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