Posted: 1st December 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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There’s something about rain that makes us all happy and excited based on some primal instinct which celebrates the end of a dry period. The mix of vulnerability and pleasure is a heady concoction and one of the gifts of nature to our complex psyches. We drench our pain and try to start afresh with the promise of fresh beginnings and renewed life ripe in the air. Yet there is an underlying sadness to it all. Why is that I am unable to fathom. If there is a god he has a weird sense of humor for tinting every moment with a mosaic of emotions often conflicting and contradictory. Maybe there is an enlightened human being who has discovered a pattern to these random emotional triggers we experience but for the most of us it’s a bewildering assortment of emotions that play upon our consciousness like the chords of a guitar. We cry, we laugh, sometimes together but why? Is it just some perverse scheme of things designed by an all powerful being for continuous and unpredictable entertainment?

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