A jetpack that can actually fly

Posted: 2nd February 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Gadgets
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Most of us have been fascinated by cartoons and sci-fi movies into owning our own jet pack and go to office using a personal jetpack. Here is a Jetpack from JetLev that might not be able to take you to your office, but still it can let you experience the joy of flying using a personal jet pack and that too without risking your life that the jet pack might blow up. The Jetlev Flyer costs a whopping $99,500. This crazy, water-powered backpack uses a 250hp motor and fuel tank at the water’s surface to send gallons of the wet stuff up to the seat, where it’s blasted back down to the ground, providing a maximum top speed of 22 mph and a maximum height of 28 feet, limited by the hose.

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