Yet another version of the popular Fast and Furious series and I must say this one was actually a great one. After F &F 1 and Tokyo Drift this was the one which kept the smile glued to your face all through the end. The movie is packed with the usual goodies associated with the F&F series, the revving engine, the exotic cars, the muscle cars , the awesome music and bootylicious babes. The movie setup is in Rio (and BTW Rio is fast emerging as the favored destination of many a producers ) and the movie starts at a good pace with the opening scene being the daring escape of Vin Diesel with the help of Paul Walker.

In this version we also have the muscular Dwayne Johnson also popularly known as the WWE Superstar: “The Rock” and his t-shirts in the movie are all about the burst open. The car robbery from a running train is really well shot and keeps your mouth open for gasp of fresh air and ends in a worthy climax with one of the cars falling down from the bridge in the XXX style (Vin Diesel did the similar scene in the first part of XXX too). During the train robbery three DEA agents are killed and our heroes are charged for that murder even when they have not done that.

From here on the movie reaches the notorious suburbs of Rio with all camera angles of the city during night or day starting from the back of the Redeemer. The plot is to rob the biggest notorious kingpin Rayes of all his money. So our heroes assemble a team of experts in their respective fields and hatch an interesting plot to rob Rayes. All this while the secret police office played by Dwayne is after them to kill them and bring justice to the DEA agents murdered by them. The movie is lacking thrilling races though but the chilling chases make up for the lack of races.

Rayes is neck deep into politics and the police of Rio is an accomplice for him. So against all odds he stacks up all his money in a police station in a state of the art vault and the problems increase for our heroes as Rayes men, the Rio police and Dwayne are all out to get them and despite all this they have to take Rayes money from under the noses of Police. There are some worth watching sequences and loads of attitude from Vin Diesel and Dwayne which also makes the movie worth a watch. I especially loved the entire sequence of taking the safe from the police station and taking it home safely. I would rather not break the silence on how that was achieved , its better watch glued to the theater seat. And similar to all the other movies in this series after the post casting song the plot for the next movie is revealed which has Michelle Rodriguez coming back and the plot revolves around military. Already waiting for the next release. I would rate the movie as 8/10.

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