Thor — a yet another adaptation of a comic from the house of Marvel, is a must watch for people who like the sci-fi, magic and action packed movies. Watching the movie in 3D adds another dimension of excitement to the action packed thriller that is Thor.

Thor , popularly known as the God of lightning is the son of Odin and the movie begins with an action packed series of events. Lightning is actually a travel medium for the Asgardians across realms (Realms is what they called parallel worlds). The movie scores very well with its great costumes and sets. The movie’s plot is predictable but yet as it unfolds it keeps you glued to your chair and wait for what happens next due to the magic weaved by the great special effects. Natalie Portman is Jane, who Thor falls in love with and whose love changes him from a risk taking boyish Thor to a more sensitive and thoughtful Thor.

The movie plot starts with Jane’s storm related experiments and then goes back into a flashback to explain the audience about the long drawn battle between the Frost Giants and Odin and how Odin had defeated the Frost Giants and seized their power source called the “Casket” and stored it on Asgard. It then takes us to Asgard, the home of Odin and Thor where Odin is about to declare Thor as the king, but is interrupted in middle by the frost giant’s attempt to seize the “Casket”. This angers Thor and  he decides to go to war with the Frost giants and destroy them once and for all. Thor has a younger brother named Loki. Due to his reckless attitude , Thor wants to just destroy the Frost Giants once and for all and eliminate their threat to all nine realms (parallel universes) in the entire universe. He and his team of four friends teleport themselves using the Bifrost bridge (guarded by Heimdall, the gatekeeper of the frost gate bridge) to Jotunheim (frost giant’s home planet) and due to this mistake of Thor his father exiles him to earth and relinquishes him of his immortal powers. He also throws the Mjolnir (his hammer) along with him and bounds the hammer with a spell that it can be wielded only by the one worthy of its use. The hammer is tried to be lifted by one and all, but they fail to do it. The government organization called SHIELD then cordones off the area to study the Mjolnir as something emitting radiations at high level and non-earthly.

Once on earth, as we have seen in many movies Thor is kind of surprised and he also surprises people surrounding him with his out of the world antics and from the time of landing and going forward he keeps bumping into Jane and they fall for each other. Meanwhile back on Asgard Loki turns bad (you have to watch the movie to know the reason for the same) and king Odin also falls ill. Loki cooks up an elaborate plan to make sure that Thor does not return to Asgard, Odin dies and he becomes the king. He conspires with the Frost giants and sends the destroyer to earth to kill Thor. Meanwhile Thor’s friends go to earth to find him and bring him back.

Our hero emerges victorious in the end with all his powers in full proportion and how he manages to do so is well to be seen in the movie. I would rate the movie 8.5/10 and again as a reminder, if you are watching in non-Imax 3D , watch it from the fourth row from the front, center corner.

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