Finally I saw Source Code after a long time of postponing watching it and I must say it was worth a watch. I loved the movie’s enigmatic nature and awesome momentary climaxes keeping all your senses involved till the very end. The movie plot has been well thought out and presented in a great manner to the viewers.

The movie starts with the picturesque views of the Chicago skyline and then move on to a CCR Train plowing its way through the great fields and lakes. And then there is this guy and a pretty girl sitting inside and the next moment there is a bomb blast. And then the movie reaches a small space capsule type device which has our hero Captain Stevens sitting inside it talking to a military officer Goodwin. Till this point the movie is a bit confusing as you are wondering what is happening.

But from here on the interest starts to build up when the creator of the source code device explains its purpose, it allows a person to fit into the mental pattern and live the last 8 minutes of the dead person’s brain in a virtual reality environment. And the military wants to use Captain Stevens as a medium to find out who bombed the train and he has these precious 8 minutes to re-live again and again and to find out who the actual bomber is and also at the same time fall in love with the lovely Christina.

The train is full of suspicious characters and Stevens is out to determine who the bomber is, but at the same time he is also confused about himself as to how did he become a part of the source code project and he has a lot of questions un-answered. His quest to find the bomber and find out how he became the part of the source code project is what is the main crux of the movie. It turns out that the project source code is more than what it was thought of and to see what it actually is you got to watch the movie and believe me it would be worth a watch.

I would rate it as a 8/10.

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