She teetered on the edge of wonderful insanity, or so she thought sometimes.

She waltzed in and out of mosaic dreamscapes littered with unimaginable beauty and utter horrors.

She was perplexed yet happy with what was happening. She thought she must be cocooned in some parallel universe. Perhaps one of her own making, was she a goddess she wondered?

No one was around unless she wished them to be. Silence unless she wished sound into being. Music flowing through the very life blood of everything around her before the dark shadows came half beckoned and half involuntarily.

Everything was accentuated. Each shade brighter, each shadow deeper.

If she wished the world could run like a time lapse video for her. If she imagined, it was.

One moment she was atop the highest of mountains, pristine valleys beneath her. The very next she was swimming at the bottom of the ocean, a whole new universe invitingly swaying before her eyes.

She could defy gravity; she swam, flew and ran like the wind; depending on what she fancied at the moment.

dream 2

She was frightened yet strangely comforted by this existence. For she realized that everything around was just her creation, not the true copy of the person or thing in question. All extensions of the multiverse within her but that paled in comparison to the infinite variety of the universe actually out there somewhere. Yet the power and complete control were like opiates on steroids. She was extremely happy one moment and crushingly sad the next.

She lived lifetimes of blissful freedom in this fantasy like existence as her lover held her hand by her death bed. Life left her like wisps of smoke from dying embers, ever so slowly yet irreversibly.

There she was in the last meadow, flowers around her, birds chirping, when darkness fell. Complete and absolute. Inevitable oblivion devoured her dreamscapes and she withered away into nothingness.


By- Aseem Mahajan

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