He and She

Posted: 25th April 2014 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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He was an artist. She was a scientist. He liked abstract concepts, she liked facts. He abhorred certainty, she found comfort in routine.

She frowned, he smiled. She worried; he let life roll gently by. She liked to dance, he had two left feet. He liked to hike in the forests and the mountains, she liked the sparkle of the cities. He liked to think about how he wanted to die; she liked to think about how she wanted to live.

He liked travel; she liked the comfort of the familiar. She liked to drive, he wanted to walk everywhere. She liked cats, he liked dogs. She loved romantic movies, he liked philosophical fare. She watched TV series, he found them bare.

He climbed stairs, she took the elevator. He despised the constant rat race for material gain, she wanted financial security. She liked to shop for new clothes; he could never give away his old ones. She liked jewelry; he considered jewels to be useless trinkets.

She believed in God, he was an atheist. She liked coffee, he liked tea. They both loved music but she liked pop and R & B; and he liked rock, jazz and the blues.

She was conventionally beautiful, he was conventionally ugly. She had stayed in the same country all her life; he had drifted from one to the next with no rhyme or reason.

He was dirt poor, she was rich.

But he loved her and she loved him.  They never could define the reasons why.


By- Aseem Mahajan



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