Shipra and Me


With thoughts of you my words spontaneously bleed,
On our happiness and love they flourish and feed,

happy page -US



You fit so snugly in the nook of my arm,

With you by my side the greatest challenges seem benign hurdles and the world’s blows seem to do no harm,




That crazy twinkle in your eyes as I look upon that angelic face makes me swoon inside with joy and gratefulness at discovering you,
Staring into your eyes I lose myself and all that I ever was before you waltzed into my life when I was down and blue,

My name sounds like a beautiful song when you utter it with that loving inflection in your voice,

I feel incredibly lucky that of all the men in the world who would have been lucky to be your partner you advertently or inadvertently made me your choice,




I re-emerged new born and happier with a spring in my step and hope brimming over the rim of the shallow cup of my full heart,
Life began anew and my soul was refreshed as a wonderful journey with you I began to start,

Airports have become the terminals where we find and lose each other all over again,

Just being at an airport now makes me nostalgic and fills me up with a bittersweet pain,

Happy page airport


It’s been a while now but the love is as alive as ever and scaling new heights every day,
Just as I think this is the peak of my affection to make me grow fonder you somehow find a way,

Sleeping with you by my side or cuddling with you is going to be an incredible joy,

Every time I wake up I want to look at that beautiful face and with those impish hair toy,

happiness page waking up



The happiness of finding you is an unprecedented joy that gave purpose to my meandering soul,
Your unanticipated  but extremely welcome smiles and love filled the void within me and your existence made my hollow universe seem for the first time to be an entity whole,

Your voice even when talking about the most trivial things is a haunting melody mesmerizing me,

I smile noticing your quirks, your excitement, your joy and the happiness in your voice and how with each other we can say anything and everything being totally free,

happy page listening to you


Your kisses and caresses are sure to send waves of ecstasy running through my previously tattered mortal shell,
With you in it my life changed its course to a heavenly interlude from what seemed like an inevitable downward spiral to hell,

happy page kissing


You excite me and make me feel so alive,

Into a new sea of happiness with you I have been allowed to dive,

You sleeping with your head in my lap or me keeping my head in yours,

There is indescribable joy coursing through my body in those moments wherein I could stay happily lost for hours,

Happy page falling asleep


Loving you comes naturally to me and every day I strive to be more worthy of being loved in return,
For despite logic you love me immensely as I scratch my head to figure out why?, while basking in the warmth of your love which I somehow did earn,

Listening to you before I fall asleep has become as essential as air for my continued existence or so it seems,

With your random spurts of affection and childish expressions of love I smile broadly and the very essence of my being with a radiant joy beams,

happy page bed time stories


Witnessing your silly moments and that occasional ridiculous laugh is such a joy to behold,

There are just so many things about you that make me happy that you are almost too precious to me truth be told,

Happy page laugh



I may not be a great or even a passable dancer but for you I will try as your exuberance while dancing warms my heart,

To be your dance partner this idiot with 2 left feet will efforts to find some sort of rhythm start,

happy page dance partner



We may have our share of misunderstandings and we may over the most ridiculous things fight,

But at the end of the most heated arguments but a word of love sets everything right,

happy page hug


You are my soul mate, my best friend and my lover all rolled into one incredible human being who has become my most precious and vital thing,

We may be far in terms of distance and the fights may seem to make the distances more biting but at the end of the day I will always come back to you as true joy to my existence only you can bring,

happy page best friend


I am in love with you and with us and the very essence of happiness for me is being with you or knowing that you are happy and in love with me somewhere,

In physical forms we may be apart but in spirits we are together forever in the future and in the here,happy page forever


Happy Valentine’s day my love and thanks for being there in my life,

Can’t wait for the day we are together formally too as man and wife.

happy page you in my life


By- Aseem Mahajan.

Images Courtesy the Happy Page.

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  1. Ramya says:

    Awwww… That’s one of the sweetest things I have read in a long time. May the distances disappear and you two get together in Delhi (Delhi so Shipra is still close to us!)…
    Wishing you a lifetime of Happiness!

    • aseem.ace says:

      Thank you so much Ramya for all the wonderful wishes. Wish you back in return that you may discover whatever you want to or are meant to and find happiness 🙂