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She stood there with her nose crinkled and her hands on her hips,

Anger seemingly flowing out through her fingertips,

Her tongue lashing him with the fury of a storm unabating ,

Angry or while sleeping? When did she seem more beautiful he with himself kept debating,

She threw small objects at him to break his trance,

For even while fighting he was enraptured by her as could be discerned by a glance,

Then he laughed fanning the fires of her fury into a raging fire,

But the fire was so lovely he couldn’t help  wishing it were his pyre,

Staring into his glazed eyes aglow with the embers of love innocent and pure,

She sighed and smiled for they suffered from a disease they wished nobody did ever cure,

For love is a disease heavenly interlaced with dizzying highs and crushing lows,

It’s a disease which cushions this ruthless world’s blows,

She unleashed love ensconced  blows on his person but they were all in vain,

For her laugh rang like a wind chime to make him numb to all pain,

Those moments were such he could have died with a smile on his lips,

Toying with her hair with his fingertips,

The old man got up with a tear in his eyes and a smile which crinkled his brow,

For he was condemned to smile and with fortitude his  grief tow,

Hoping and praying each day to be reunited again and forever,

And to experience once again the sublime joy of that beautiful anger..

By -Aseem Mahajan

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