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As he climbed higher he was witness to a fantastic vista. The horizon endless, the sea and the land merging into each other with the harmony that only nature can achieve. He had come here ages ago once. He had treaded the same pine needle strewn paths on the edge of the world or so […]

To cover up for an embarassingly plain weekend a small town high school student Olive invents a lie about sleeping with a College guy.The lie spreads and as people notice her for the first time she’s forced to use her new found notoriety to help some misfits. Unlike most teen comedies nowadays it shows that […]


Posted: 28th November 2010 by aseem.ace in Poems
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She stood there with her nose crinkled and her hands on her hips, Anger seemingly flowing out through her fingertips, Her tongue lashing him with the fury of a storm unabating , Angry or while sleeping? When did she seem more beautiful he with himself kept debating, She threw small objects at him to break […]