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To cover up for an embarassingly plain weekend a small town high school student Olive invents a lie about sleeping with a College guy.The lie spreads and as people notice her for the first time she’s forced to use her new found notoriety to help some misfits. Unlike most teen comedies nowadays it shows that […]

Dumbo is an animated movie by Walt Disney from 1941.Considering the period the animation is seriously good (but then the classic Tom and Jerry are from the same period).It can be best classified as an animated musical. The movie opens with the storks bringing babies to all the expectant animals of the Circus. Mrs Jumbo […]

7:35 In the Morning

Posted: 27th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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This is an Oscar(2005) nominated Spanish short.Being a musical and having a strange appeal regardless of a melancholy atmosphere made me love this.