A love letter i wrote on a Friend’s Request

Posted: 24th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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This is a letter i wrote for a friend who had a crush on one of his high school class mates but could never profess those feelings.It led to a brief affair and now that both parties have moved on I can safely reproduce it here.

I have never been sure whether what I felt for you was just an infatuation or true love. But lately I have come to realize that the vacuum in my existence is your absence. The darkness in my life is the loss of your laugh’s luminescence .Your image is as fresh to me as if it were yesterday when we parted our paths on this journey called life. I remember I used to lose myself in the limpid pools of your eyes. The sparkle of those eyes used to set my world alight.
Your sense of humor and that infectious smile that used to radiate joy; God, I still hear that music worthy of angels in my most pleasant dreams. Your caring nature further elevated your status in my eyes. I couldn’t find a pedestal high enough to place you upon. I thought time, the supposedly great healer, would ease the pain of your separation. But its passage has only made me sink deeper into the abyss of fruitless longing. I remember the first time I realized that I love you. The first time I experienced that ultimate joy tinged with pain unbearable, the entity called love. I was in seventh heaven yet down in the dumps at the same time. I remember those days when as friends we shared those special moments which later stood as lighthouses in the dark lonely existence your absence condemned me to. I remember the day I last saw you, the hollowness that I experienced then made me wish that my memories would seep out like blood from cut veins.
But forgetting you is something I can never do for your memories are the cornerstones of my sanity.
I miss you.
I love you..

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  1. Rahul Bharadwaj says:

    Love guru tussi great ho !!