My first feeling about this movie: “Whoaa!!! Thank God I came out sane and alive” (The movie gets so frustrating at times that your neighbor might hit you with what they are holding in their hand.. 😛 ). The best part of the movie which kept everybody in the entire hall be it males or females transfixed was “Sheela ke jawani” … The song. And I must say that Katrina is looking awesome and has danced really well to the choreography of Geeta and Farah (Farah has used her brain in the entire movie just for choreographing this song).

After watching the movie for the first 30 minutes and waiting that something good might turn up ahead the result actually comes out to be similar to the movie 300. Now, you might be thinking how is that possible? In the end of 300 the 300 warriors have nowhere to run but take the thousands of arrows headed towards them at their heart and that’s what happens to your expectations as the movie progresses…lol .. excuse me for being a bit too harsh. The movie has its fair share of well-practiced pelvic thrusts and Akshay khanna has led all the way with probably 100+ of PTs (Pelvic Thrusts). The scene inside the airplane running without a pilot in the beginning of movie is the starting of the idiotic saga called “Tees Maar Khan” i.e. the reaction of “stranded” people (You got to see the movie to feel what I mean).

Some of the comments from my colleagues complement my review further. “Farah Khan makes movies for a mentally challenged people like us. I love her.” and “I bet u can’t name a movie worse than Tees Maar khan… well rgv ki aag was a classic in comparison”

Farah khan as a director has left nothing that she could mine from the “Khaan” (mine) of cheap jokes and mindless “so called jokes”. Raghu and Rajeev from the Roadies “Attitude” fame have taken their so called “Attitude” to great depths. 🙂 . They play conjoined twins in the movie and I don’t know if the producers, directors or the actors saw the movie after completing it. Actually there is a movie shown at the end of the movie (see the movie to know about that) and I must say the feeling of the critic at the end of the movie : “Where is the director , I want to touch his feet” is the feeling I share after watching “Tees Maar Khan”. Thank God, Shahrukh Khan did not do this one, though Farah Khan did not take this well but this might be the best decision of Shahrukh’s career. :P.

The saving grace of the movie is “HOT” Katrina Kaif. The worst part is bad jokes on almost everyone in the film industry. Katrina would help the producers to atleast get their investment back. Go for this movie to watch Katrina Kaif.  Akshay kumar is going around with his neck vains swollen as he is almost shouting mindlessly across the movie, he is almost at his idiotic best. Take this movie as a DARE and wear light clothes as the brain gets heated because you are not able to understand what you are… that’s it…I can write about all synonyms of cheap if I keep writing about this movie. Go…. watch it… best of luck.

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