A midnight rant(actually written at 4 in the morning after a particularly hard day)-

In a stuporous state i looked at the world with glazed eyes and saw it for what it was. Perhaps being in a sleep induced stupor is essential to understand this inexplicable realm. I saw the justice behind every selfish deed. Actions with negative consequences for many others seemed but the only kind. I saw the evolution of angels into demons as a natural progression. I realized that innocence being trampled by the awakening of the sleeping demons is an essential survival tactic.

For the first time i admitted to the inevitability of it all. I realized that my desires for peace and love between humans, the so called enlightened mortals were foolish thoughts of a warped mind.

How can enlightened beings not devour each other, literally and metaphorically, and rape the very fabric of their fellow beings. Cannibalistic outlet helps them heal their mental wounds. Content in being trampled as long as they can trample somebody else, is it not a justifiable trait.

Standing atop a mound of tortured souls must provide for unparalleled joy for that’s what most people desire to do.

I see the foolish angels of mercy making futile efforts against the tides, little realizing they are akin to stones thrown at a sea with the insane idea that somehow we will be able to channel it to our whims. I have witnessed the occasional erratic behavior with the little angels scrambling onto the backs of demonic behemoths and controlling them for a few moments of conscientious actions. I realize that in the perverse scheme of things the countless tears shed and unshed are a success story and the few true smiles blemishes that mar the otherwise perfect landscape.

These monstrosities tend to diminish our vision thus making the images of rivers of blood and ravaged minds and bodies blurred for a few seconds. Foolish fantasies of a united world with no prejudice are but hallucinations of a diseased mind.

For to contemplate caring, happy and selfless human existence is a foolish thought that only an unhinged mind can conceive of. These words and the ideas they represent are heart rending and we can only hope that each dawn brings more tears, heartbreaks, travesties and desecration so that our utopian state can be sustained successfully. The past few years of human existence have truly underlined the inevitable continuation of our glorious existence, with deception, loneliness and torment without succor being the templates to be replicated without investment of conscious effort.

The prospects are heartwarming indeed.

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