The Tramp

Posted: 30th December 2010 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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The tramp was striding down the road clutching a newspaper with a spring in his step despite his ragged appearance.Torn clothes and a layer of grime did not deter him from whooping in joy every now and then.The entrance to the park he spent his days in ,loomed ahead.The park bench had been his home for a year or so.If he had washed off the layer of grime and dressed up properly many people would have recognised him.And they would have been shocked to see his present condition. He had been a rich man once.

He had owned a chain of very succesful book stores.He was going to Europe to promote business and have a pleasure trip as well. On reaching London he checked into a hotel. After refreshing himself he arranged a taxi for a sight seeing tour to cover some part of the city.After all he did not want to waste his day.That was when IT happened.The taxi slowed down at a traffic light.And he saw a sight that he could never forget for the rest of his life.He saw Her.

It was not as if she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.But his eyes refused to stop seeing her.His mind told him that he had to be with her to be happy.He had to see her everyday to be truly alive.It felt as if his life had built up to this particular moment in time.In a sort of trance he jumped out of the taxi and the taxi driver’s universally colourful lingo (made so by daily interaction with the mosaic of humanity)came forth bringing him to attention.He paid him much more than the fare. He just went up to her.She seemed shocked at his behaviour.He opened his mouth but only gibberish came out.He controlled himself and said”Will you have dinner with me?”She just blurted out “Er…Yes.” There was a look of astonishment on her face,at her own reply or his audacity he never came to know.

He said a restaurant’s name and she again replied in the affirmative.He felt like a high school kid who asks out a girl for the first time.He wanted to hug all the people walking on the street.He began jumping up and down and stopped only when people started eyeing him warily.He laughed like a crazy man but suddenly he realised that she had only said she will come .She might become nervous and not turn up at all.Still worried he reached the venue half an hour earlier.She was already there.Both of them looked astonished that the other had kept this strange appointment. He had never felt that so much was at stake.He wanted to be entertaining without even risking offending her in anyway. They both started a bit nervously.Then they opened up as if they had known each other their entire lives.

She was an orphan and had just left her job as a receptionist at a hotel.In the course of their conversation they just decided that they would take the Europe trip together.They went to France.Italy.Germany.Spain.They laughed,they fought and before they knew it they were married in a small church on the outskirts of London.They left for New York man and wife.

Life was bliss for a couple of years until it began.She started losing weight and the colour in her cheeks faded away.She became pale and morose.They went to their family doctor who recommended them to a specialist.The specialist did some tests.Telling a patient a bad prognosis is one of the toughest parts of being a doctor,but he told them.The air in the room seemed to have solidified for they could not breathe.She fainted.He sat dumbfounded. ‘The last stages of cancer.Its too late to save her’,the doctor had said in a monotone .His profession made him immune to their pain.But their world just collapsed around them.

The doctor revived her and after asking a few more questions to the doctor,they left.They were walking listlessly to the car park when she stopped him.”Dont think i am being melodramatic or anything but please marry after i die”The withering look he gave her then was the first time she saw him so angry.He did not reply.He did not need to reply.On reaching home he assigned all his assistants to compile the names of all the best specialists and any revolutionary treatment they could discover.The list was compiled and every person on that list was consulted.All the revolutionary techniques applicable were used under the supervision of the best doctors.

Nothing worked.She died 3 months after being diagnosed.He lost interest in business.He lost interest in life as such.4 months later he heard of a small company that had made a breakthrough discovery in cancer chemotherapy.It could revolutionise cancer treatment, unlike those side effects drugs (have you read how many people get victims? visit He talked to them and asked a specialist to assess their claim.The company needed finance to complete their research and manufacture the drug.Bigger pharmaceutical companies just wanted to wait till the patent lapsed to garner maximum profits.The specialist assured him of their authencity.He could not wait for anyone else to lose a loved one for financial considerations.He sold all his bookstores ,his house,everything he owned.His frieds tried to persuade him to stop but he was a man possesed. He gave the money to the company.The night his house was sold he disappeared .It was eleven months ago.The first night he slept on a park bench.And that was where he was now. The source of his joy an article on a miraculous cancer cure.Then he again became sad for now only one question remained for him -How long before i join her?

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