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Posted: 1st June 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Reviews
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Though a lot of people say that Hangover part 1 was better than the part 2 , but I have a slightly different opinion. Its a common phenomenon in every sequel that the hangover of the first part does not let you enjoy the second part thoroughly as you benchmark is against what you saw. What is different this time is that you know all the characters very well and you focus more and more on the plot of the movie. Though the plot maybe good but this time since your focus is purely on the plot you find more mistakes. All “Gyaan” aside, I loved the second part too. Its entertaining and mysterious similar to part 1.

This time the Hangover team is in Thailand for Stu’s wedding, featuring Bangkok for most part of the movie. The movie starts in the good old United States and since what Alan did in the last version (he spiked the drinks after which the mayhem happened) Stu is inclined not to invite him on his wedding this time. But the friends finally convince him that Alan is after all a friend and they go together to invite him to Stu’s wedding laying the roots for the next big roller-coaster ride.

After about 20-30 minutes the focus shifts from US to Bangkok where all the fun begins. Teddy (Stu’s bride’s younger brother) is at the airport to receive the friends and receives some cold glances and comments from Alan. Alan instantly develops a disliking for him. They move to the accommodation that has been arranged for them and during the evening dinner the Bride’s father announces that he dislikes Stu as he is a dentist and dentists are not actual doctors.

Post dinner the friends decide to call it a night and go to their respective rooms. But Phil insists that they would have one beer each at the beach and then call it a night. They meet for beers and the next thing they know is they are in some dingy hotel room with a monkey, a cut finger of Teddy, our Groom Stu has a Mike Tyson tattoo on his left eye lobe and Alan has lost his head hair.

Then the phenomenon of remembering what happened last night again starts up with whatever clues they have, before they could think of something Mr Chow lands in and is about to tell the story but snorts some drug and dies. They put him in the ice freezer and start off on a trail to find Teddy as he is missing and to find out what they did last night.

The plot is interesting and keeps you laughing and guessing all the while. I would not like to divulge the finer details of the plot in the review but you have lots of fun waiting for you in the form of Bangkok’s lady boys, some explicit blurred scenes, loads of laughter , Alan’s antics, Phil’s personality, Stu’s bitching and the monkey is awesome too. Mike Tyson also has a guest appearance at the end at Stu’s wedding and Stu does get the balls to argue with the bride’s father to prove that he is a man worthy of his daughter in the end of the movie. I would rate the movie 7.5/10 and it is high on the entertainment quotient.

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    Nicely written! Was planning to give it a skip since the plot was too similar to Hangover 1 but after reading the review looks like its worth a try! Thanks for posting!